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I'm an artist and writer, among many other things ^_^ My life is a quiet one, revolving around family and a run-down micro-farm located near the Pacific coast. It is not uncommon here to be delayed by herds of migrating elk crossing the road, and the local feral cats have learned to beware of the bald eagles!

While I have a diploma as a computer tech, there are very few of those jobs this far out in the sticks. As an artist, and especially since I am recuperating long-term from a severe illness, I prefer to subsist on a combination of local odd jobs and mTurk, which means I usually work on my own schedule and have learned to really stretch my dollars. I also am a graphic artist for my cousin's independent movie studio, Space Pirate Films. My wants are few, my ambitions small, and while I like to share my art and writing in the hopes they will make people happy, I'm not trying to impress anyone. I just want to make a few friends :)

Please feel free to subscribe/unsubscribe at will. Depending on the contents of your page, I may or may not subscribe in return. Please do not take it personally if I don't!


While I try to keep my works positive and "tasteful," i.e. nothing too explicit, some of the art and themes on these pages may be considered mature in nature. I have clearly marked all such entries as "NSFW" (Not Safe for Work) and/or "18+." If you are under the age of 18, or live in a jurisdiction where artistic nudity and/or erotica are banned, do not access these works!

All art, poems, songs, fics and commentary on "Free to Dream" are copyright and not to be sold, distributed, or posted elsewhere without my permission. Some of these works may be fanart, if so, the standard disclaimers apply: these are not my characters and I am gaining no profit from my depictions of them. If you have a particular need for which you would like to use my art, just ask. Thank you for respecting these simple rules!

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